I feel photography it's been in my life before I was even conscious of it. 

One of my clearest childhood memories was watching my mom set up her film camera and give it to my dad so she could have some nice photos with us.
I remember being surrounded by cameras and film rolls, and I can say now that I'm one of the luckiest persons to have many photographs of my childhood before cell phones with cameras were a thing.

Now that I'm a gown up, I appreciate the beautiful work my mother did to document my life, how precious those memories are, those moments that won't be back, but they'll live forever on her albums and polaroids.

I have spent the last seven years getting to know new humans and documenting their stories and relationships. How they got into that point of their life, and what makes them light up. I feel it is quite a responsibility and a significant honor to be able to create this legacy for them.


What I care deeply about

I’m a strong defender of the environment. I work so hard to have a zero-waste (or as close as I can to it) household. I live as green as I can, reducing my plastic usage, saving water, and not taking my car around as much as possible. 
I am a feminist mother, trying to make all the changes I can to open people’s eyes to equality. And how to build stronger new generations away from gender stereotypes and toxic patterns.
Mental health and anything related to it.


I love furniture stores. Interior design might be my other big passion.

I love to change my hairstyle, so don't be surprised if you see me with long hair one day, dyed the next week, and half shaved the following month!

I like to plant all the seeds I find! Spoiler alert, no, not all of them survive.

Celeste obtained her Fine Art Photography Degree and her Graphic Design Master’s Degree in Madrid, Spain.

She has worked for big, fashion names such as Esquire and Harper's Bazaar Magazines.

On 2013, she moved to USA where worked as an Art Director for marketing companies.

On 2016, Celeste opened her wedding photography business and had been investing her time on capturing humans big moments in life ever since.


What's your story?